Brie Cheesecake with Maple Cranberry Sauce

2 ½ oz crushed graham cracker
3 oz butter
½ teaspoon ground cinnamon
2 oz fine maple flakes

1. Mix together, press firmly into one
10 inch cake pan.                                 
2. Bake in a 325 degrees preheated oven
for 10 minutes

10 oz Brie (skin removed)
16 oz cream cheese
1 oz cake flour
4 oz granulated sugar
4 oz fine maple flakes
4 ea whole eggs
6 oz heavy cream

1. Place small pieces of brie in a large sauce pan. Add cream and heat until cheese melts
into cream. Strain through a fine sieve. Cool completely.
2. In a mixing bowl, whisk the cream cheese with sugars until soften.                                  
3. Add the brie mixture and flour. Mix on speed one until smooth, scrape bowl often.
4. Add egg slowly, scrape bowl after every 2 eggs.
5. Mix until batter is smooth and free of lumps.
6. Poor mix in the cake pan.
7. Bake in a 325 degrees pre-heated oven in bain-marie for about 60 minutes or until the
center is slightly set.
9. Chill. Unmold the next day.

4 oz milk
4 oz heavy cream
¼ ea vanilla bean
2 oz fine maple flakes
2 oz egg yolks
½ oz calvados
¼ cup sun-dried cranberries

1. Soak the sun-dried cranberries with calvados for 30 minutes.
2. Heat milk, heavy cream, vanilla bean, and half of the sugar until it boils.
3. Remove the vanilla bean and reserve for other uses.
4. Combine egg yolks and the rest of sugar, then temper with part of the boiling milk while
stirring constantly.
5. Pour liaison into the remaining milk and return to the heat.
6. Stirring constantly, cook slowly to stage of nappe or 180°F (80°C).
7. Remove immediately from stove and strain through a chinois, directly into a bain-marie
in an ice bath.
8. When cool, place with the cranberry in a blender. Blend at medium speed for few

ASSEMBLY: Place dots of Clearly Maple around the plate for ultimate maple flavor


Recipe by Daniel LaGarde, CEC, Executive Chef,
Do More With Maple!
© 2009 Québec Delegation Chicago
source: M. Laport
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